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Miss getting daily 9NEWS forecasts to your phone? Here's how to get them back

Since the 9NEWS App upgrade, you may be missing the daily forecasts we send to you. But fear not! I've figured out how to get them back.
Credit: KUSA

Have you seen the awesome 9NEWS app upgrade? It's great! Except those daily forecasts we sent to your phone didn't carry over. It took me a minute, but I figured out how to get them back on my phone - so here's how!

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See that funny symbol in the top right corner? Tap that, it'll bring you to "Settings"

Credit: KUSA

Got it? Great! Now tap Notification Settings.

Credit: KUSA

Excellent! Now tap "Topic Alerts and Notifications" - You're almost done!

Credit: KUSA

Last step! Tap "Colorado Weather" so it turns green. 

Credit: KUSA

Now you're back in business! Ok, the one below is from March 2nd - no snow in our forecast! But you get the idea.

Credit: KUSA

And the background of my phone is Manarola, Italy - Highly recommend!

Looking forward to sending you forecasts again!

- Kylie

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